EE/EET 2240 Class Notes - Spring 2018

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Tuesday,January 09 Introduction, Components, Nodes, KCL, KVL Notes
Thursday,January 11 Class Cancelled
Tuesday,January 16 Ohm's Law, Passive Sign Convention, Power Calculations Notes
Thursday,January 18 PSC, Power, Current Divider Notes
Tuesday,January 23 Current & Voltage Divider, Equivalent Resistance Notes
Thursday,January 25 Equivalent Resistance, Nodal Analysis, Dependent Sources Notes
Tuesday,January 30 Homework Questions, Nodal Analysis, Cramer's Rule Notes
Thursday,February 01 Dependent Sources, Nodal Analysis Notes
Tuesday,February 06 Nodal Analysis, Mesh Analysis Notes
Thursday,February 08 Mesh Analysis Notes
Tuesday,February 13 Class Dismissed
Thursday,February 15 Exam #1
Tuesday,February 20 Class Dismissed
Thursday,February 22 Linearity/Proportionality, Superposition Notes
Tuesday,February 27 Thevenin & Norton Equivalent Circuits Notes
Thursday,March 01 Maximum Power Transfer, PSpice Notes
Tuesday,March 06 PSpice Notes
Thursday,March 08 PSpice, Operational Amplifiers Notes
Tuesday,March 13 Operational Amplifier Circuits Notes
Thursday,March 15 PSpice Subcircuits, EVAL.LIB Notes
Tuesday,March 20 Spring Break
Thursday,March 22 Spring Break
Tuesday,March 27 Review for Exam #2 Notes
Thursday,March 29 Exam #2
Tuesday,April 03 Capacitors, Analog Computers Notes
Thursday,April 05 Capacitors, Inductors, RC & RL Circuits Notes
Tuesday,April 10 PSpice, RC Circuits Notes
Thursday,April 12 OpAmp Verification Study Notes
Tuesday,April 17 RLC Circuits Notes
Thursday,April 19 Transient Circuit Analysis with PSpice and PROBE Notes
Tuesday,April 24 RL and RLC Circuits Notes