EE 3340 Class Notes and Videos - Spring 2021

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Tuesday,January 12 Introduction Notes Video
Thursday,January 14 Transient Analysis of RLC Circuits with Initial Conditions Notes Video
Tuesday,January 19 Class Dismissed
Thursday,January 21 Periodicity, Average and RMS Values Notes Video
Tuesday,January 26 Impedance, Average and Effective Values Notes Video
Thursday,January 28 Fritzing Tutorial, Complex Numbers with MATLAB Notes Video
Tuesday,February 02 Passive Filter Analysis with LTspice Notes Video
Thursday,February 04 Active Filter Analysis Example Notes Video Handout
Tuesday,February 09 Frequency Domain Active Filter Analysis Notes Video
Thursday,February 11 Class Dismissed for Exam #1
Tuesday,February 16 Class Dismissed due to Weather
Thursday,February 18 More Frequency Domain Active Filter Analysis Notes Video
Tuesday,February 23 The Howland Current Pump & Two-Port Impedance Parameters Notes Video Handout
Thursday,February 25 More Passive Filter Analysis Notes Video
Tuesday,March 02 More Active Filters Notes Video
Thursday,March 04 Two-Port Networks Notes Video
Tuesday,March 09 A Negative Resistor(?), Mutual Inductance Notes Video
Thursday,March 11 Mutual Inductance Notes Video
Tuesday,March 16 Experiment 3, Exam Topics Notes Video
Thursday,March 18 Class Dismissed for Exam #2
Tuesday,March 23 SPICE Usage Tricks Notes Video
Thursday,March 25 More Mutual Inductance Notes Video
Tuesday,March 30 Equivalent Inductance Notes Video
Thursday,April 01 Voltage Transfer Function & Impedance Parameters with Mutual Inductance Notes Video
Tuesday,April 06 Resonance, Equivalence between Transfer Function and Impedance Parameters Notes Video
Thursday,April 08 The Ideal Transformer Notes Video #1 Video #2
Tuesday,April 13 OpAmp Saturation, Balanced 3-Phase Distribution Notes Video
Thursday,April 15 Load Balancing, Circuit Synthesis Notes Video
Tuesday,April 20 Cauer II Synthesis Notes Video
Thursday,April 22 Final Exam Review Notes Video